Patient information

Here is an overview of the process for your surgery. Remember that we are available during the entire process, from contacting with the clinic in Turkey to the journey home after your cosmetic surgery. We make sure that you get a safe and secure process, and that you will feel well taken care of.

Completion of health form, approval for surgery and payment of deposit

In order for us to refer you to a surgeon in Turkey, we ask you to fill out a health form, which is sent to the clinic in Turkey. Once your application has been approved by a doctor in Turkey and you have received an offer for the operation and a date for it to be carried out, we ask you to pay a deposit.

You must pay the remaining amount when you arrive in Turkey before your operation takes place. Please read the information material thoroughly before your departure. Remember that you must book the flight yourself. 

The rest we handle for you the VIP taxi transfers and the hotel for two persons include the full package etc.

If you want to book your own hotel stay you feel free to do that.

Arrival in Turkey
When you arrive in Turkey, our representative will be ready to welcome you and you will be transported to the clinic. Here you will also get the first preliminary examinations, as well as have an initial talk with the surgeon who will perform the cosmetic surgery. The rest of the day you can spend on sightseeing or sunbathing and relaxing before the surgery.

The day of the surgery
We will of course pick you up at the hotel and drive you safely to the clinic in order for you to relax before the operation. At the clinic, you will again have a short meeting with the surgeon and talk about the procedure in connection with the operation. You must then prepare for the operation – i.e. change clothes and be assigned a room.

After the operation
When your cosmetic surgery is successfully completed, you must stay at the clinic until you have woken up after the anesthesia and are feeling well. You will be closely monitored, and you will only be discharged when you are ready to make the journey home. Once you have been discharged, we will provide transport back to the hotel. We recommend that you rest before the journey home.

The journey home
When you are ready to return home, we make sure that you arrive safely at the airport and start your journey back to Denmark. We recommend that you have somebody transporting you all the way to your home address. When you get home, make sure to rest as much as possible.

Remember that we are at your disposal 24/7 during the entire process.

The minimum age requirement for cosmetic surgeries or other operations is 18 years old.