Why is Turkey a popular destination for cosmetic surgeries?

In recent years, Turkey has experienced a boom in people traveling to the country to undergo cosmetic surgeries. They offer everything from facelifts to dental treatments, liposuctions, and eye surgeries etc. 

The number of patients coming to Turkey for cosmetic surgeries is increasing day by day. Turkey is particularly renowned for hair transplantation and is one of the preferred countries for rhinoplasty (nose correction). 

But why has Turkey become such a popular destination for these types of operations? We will provide an explanation in this blog.

Combining tourism and plastic surgery in Turkey

We have already seen this trend in places like Thailand, where they have been successful in combining a regular tourist trip with a journey to have some form of cosmetic surgery. 

If you buy a vacation package to Turkey, you might as well combine it with a visit to a plastic surgeon or a
dentist and return home with new breasts or a better smile. Throughout Turkey’s popular tourist destinations such as Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul and so on, you will find a range of beautiful and modern clinics where experienced and professional plastic surgeons take good care of you from admission to discharge, and the results are largely comparable to what we see from clinics at home.

Lower prices for cosmetic surgeries in Turkey

There are savings to be made by getting plastic surgery done in Turkey compared to many countries. You can compare prices online and quickly realize that you can fit both a sunny vacation and cosmetic surgeries into your budget if you choose to have the procedures done in Turkey. 

The rationale for those who prefer to come to Istanbul for a nose job is primarily Turkey’s specialist doctors and the affordable prices. Nearly 40,000 nose surgeries are performed annually in Turkey, and they are 60% more economical compared to prices in Europe.

Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey – a growing industry

The statistics speak for themselves. Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are an industry that is only moving in one direction, and that is forward. The growth is not solely due to prices and the opportunity to combine vacation with surgery; it is largely due to the educational level of the doctors and the results they can showcase. 

The quality of cosmetic surgeries is very high, and the techniques are up-to-date. Turkish doctors, surgeons, and dentists stay updated on the latest techniques in cosmetic surgeries and take pride in always being at the forefront.

Considering a cosmetic surgery in Turkey?
If you are considering traveling to Turkey to have breast augmentation, a facelift, or a rhinoplasty etc, there is assistance available in Denmark. You can get help with everything from finding the right clinic to travel documents and contact details, making the entire process as easy as if you were having your cosmetic surgery done in Denmark. So, there is no need to worry about the practicalities of traveling to Turkey and getting beauty surgery, hair transplant and dental treatments etc.